Angie's List Essay

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The Market
Company’s Market
Angie’s List is located in all 50 states in the United States and several markets in Canada. Though they are located in every state but they are not in every market within those states. Many states are missing some key markets but that would be a potential growth opportunity for them in the near future. Even in the current markets, Angie’s List can still improve their overall market share. Though there is not a true competitor to Angie’s List, there is still market penetration within its current markets. With its current market base of 600,000 paying customers, there is still ample room of growth both within its current markets and any new markets.
Potential Market
When meeting with Angie’s List, they were
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As the economy is still trying to improve, new customers are hesitating to increase their yearly budget.
Current Market Trends
Over the past several years’ Angie’s List has seen an overall growth in business but that growth can be attributed to entering new markets. Without any public information, it’s hard to determine the overall growth between new markets and those markets that they have been in over the last several years. However, though many companies have struggle the last couple of years due to the downturn in the economy, Angie’s List market potential is definitely growing. With customers wanting advice they can trust, the company fulfills those needs by having the trust from complete strangers. The biggest struggle has with new potential customers is word of mouth. Those potential customers are still relying on neighbors and internet blogs for advice. One of the advantages that Angie’s List has those customers are willing to pay for recommendations from actual paying members. The internet blogs cannot be trusted because you have no idea who is making the comments for positively and negatively. Any company can make positive comments about their own company.
Market Risks
There are several market risks that Angie’s List has identified as critical to the company. Those risks would include internet growth, changing of

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