Write An Essay On Steroids

When people think of steroids, they think of anabolic steroids only - steroids that enhance muscle growth, made famous by bodybuilders and athletes who used them to get an edge on their competitors. However, these are far from the only type of steroids. A steroid is defined as a molecule with 4 carbon rings, 3 rings with 6 carbons and 1 with 5 carbons. They can include hormones, alkaloids, and vitamins. Estrogen, progesterone, cholesterol and vitamin D are all examples of steroids. They’re not uncommon and they sure aren’t only for building muscle. There are a few ways that steroids are able to be taken, but there are two main ways that they are used - orally and by injection. Needles are scary for some people, so putting steroids in pill form can make the thought of them easier to swallow. Not only that, but oral steroids take effect much faster than injections, as they are quickest metabolized and enter the bloodstream. There is a problem with oral pills, though - the liver breaks down the steroids before they can be sent into the bloodstream. Not only does this damage the liver, but …show more content…
Steroid esters, which are nonpolar, are oil-soluble, and are just put into oil based solutions. Steroids without esters are just put into water to be injected, not soluble, and sit as a suspension in the water. Oil based injections are preferred as they last longer and require less injection. After injection, the steroids stay in the body/bloodstream for a couple days. The time varies a lot, as oil based and water based injections last for different times in the bloodstream - esters are dissolved before the rest of the steroid is - and also because some bodies metabolize steroids faster than others. The injections are better for the health than oral steroids, but since they stay in the body for so long, steroid test have an easier time catching steroid users if they are on

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