Essay on Andrew Jackson : The Era Of The United States

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How often does one have to consider if enough power is given to the people? In today’s society this question rarely comes up due to the separation of powers and the fact that democracy in the United States has remained relatively the same for hundreds of years. To the citizens of the early United States, however, this was a major political issue. In the beginning, the average person did not have any real say in government. During the 1800s, however, a new wave of democracy swept over the United States. Historians link this to our seventh president, Andrew Jackson. “This era of the ‘common man’ marked a new stage for American democracy where average people began to have a say in the workings of their government.” (Background Essay) In fact, Andrew Jackson might be the most popular president in the history of the United States. This, however, was not because of his accomplishments and work in politics but rather his military career. Andrew Jackson not only won battles but also “never asked his men to endure more than he endured.” (Background Essay) Unlike some others of the time, Jackson believed in democracy rather than republicanism. At the time Jackson believed, “democracy meant that all branches and agencies of the government – the President, the Congress, the National Bank, event the Supreme Court – must listen to and follow the wishes of the People.” (Background Essay) Simply put, democracy is a government ruled by the People. Although he may not have…

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