Essay about Andrew Bachelor Is The Most Popular Actors Of This Century

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Andrew Bachelor is currently one of the most popular actors of this century. However, if you call him by his real name around others, they probably won’t know who you’re talking about. If you say “KingBach”, people will instantly laugh and smile. Andrew Bachelor has created the “KingBach” television personality on YouTube, and now this personality is all over TV. This personality is well known for discussing a wide variety of topics in a hilarious way. “KingBach” currently has the most followers on the application titled “Vine”, with 13.1 million. Each of his posts get at least 150,000 likes from his followers. Because he has the most followers, tons of people watch his stuff. Because he gets a lot of views, he is well known by many people all over the world. Because he is well known, he has been offered many opportunities to be on TV. Some of those opportunities include being a host on a show, being a guest star on a show, or even being a main character in a movie. If you’re interested in this man like I am, then you’re probably wondering how it all started. How did Andrew Bachelor rise to stardom so quickly?
Andrew Bachelor has attended the New York Film Academy in the past (Papermag, 1). Attending this academy has taught him how to act on camera and how to create the final masterpiece behind the camera. Because he has acquired these skills, He needed a way to showcase his talents. So, he creates an account on YouTube and begins to create many funny videos with different…

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