Analyzing the Impact of Online Assessment Essay

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Analyzing The Impact Of Internet Assessment

Manal Chamaa

There is no doubt that the World Wide Web has taken the wide world and made it much smaller, more accessible, and more familiar. Not only is the population of the planet able to shop, bank, spend leisure time, and watch the most popular television shows and movies, but more and more society is able to access information and concepts that were heretofore available only through enrollment in an institution of higher education. As Nicholas Carr discusses in his article, “The Crisis in Education”, the ability to extend the reaches of higher education to virtually the farthest points on the planet is a direct result of the Internet and our ability to communicate
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There are also other online programs such as Khan Academy which use the internet to teach students. And even if an established university conducts classes in a regular classroom environment, they often also offer many general education requirements on line. 64% of the full time instructors offer online classes at the same time. According to the president of the Colorado State University, Becky Takeda-Tinker, “customized learning experiences, with knowledge acquired via multiple delivery channels and sources, seem to be an appropriate solution to providing individuals with the different skills, knowledge and passions to meet the diversity of market needs” This is what Carr mentions in his article about using the internet for online learning: since “different students learn in different ways” the technology is being made more and more selective so that the programs can customize themselves to the requirements of the individual students “offering greater personalization through more advanced automation”. The popularity of online education is increasing rapidly. Workforce is becoming more accepting to the online degree holders. More than 79% of employers surveyed indicated that they have hired an online degree graduate in the last year. More than 55% of prospective employers indicated their indifference to whether degrees were earned on campus or online. In my opinion, traditional in class education

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