Essay on Analyzing Conflict Solution Ideas And Tactics

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Analyzing Conflict Solution Ideas When analyzing the significant insights learned from conflicts, certain tactics and methods stand out. Within class discussions many ideas were described in detail. By creating ways to communicate and understand each side in a conflict, the outcomes become more effective and peaceful. However, some procedures are more favorable than others. Getting people to reach the balcony mind set, and calm a tense situation is largely supported. Also, mediating and negotiating are large factors to an effective conflict ending. The ideas used within a conflict include the third side, three conversations, communication, negotiation, and mediation. When evaluating different conflict ideas and tactics, the third side is a crucial piece. The third side is the deciding factor in what the outcome to a conflict will be. While some conflicts may only involve one person as a third side, it can include a larger amount. “In short, the third side is not some mysterious or special other. The third side is us-each of us acting individually and all of us working together. When it comes to stopping fights, the missing key is in our hands” (Ury 24) which describes the idea that anyone can be a third side. Although some third sides do involve only one person, it can involve any outsider, including the community. The third side’s job is to redirect a conflict to a more calm and constructive outcome. “Thus emerged a critical mass of insider third parties, a strong new…

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