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Case Description The case sheds light on the management of a firm looking to improve on their order process by making it more efficient. The firm is fairly large having about five different production facilities which manufacture chemicals used in plastics, fibers, and coatings in the south eastern region of the United States. The case goes in depth into the firm’s order process. When a customer faxes, mails in the order, or calls, his order is taken down by a representative who manually

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The firm’s identification systems are not standardized which can lead to confusion and disaster at some point.
The firm has the opportunity to improve its information systems. Given the increased trend in technology, the firm can look into newer technologies which can improve their business processes. Globalization has made technology more efficient at an incredible rate; the firm should look into global communities for better technology which it could implement. This may lead to increased customer loyalty who may view this move as innovative, thereby, enhancing the image of the company.
The firm has the opportunity to increase their span of products and discover new markets which they can break into. Since the firm is fairly large, it has the asset and capital to explore other markets. By expanding their products, the firm will increase their customer base which may lead to more revenue and profits. The firm can expand to more regions or it can even go global. Starting up new plants in other pats of the country or the world will give the firm more market share in the industry. This will also give the firm access to more raw materials needed for production.
Government regulations may help prevent new entrants from infiltrating the market. Government regulations which may be lobbied by
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