Analytical Summary : ' Freshman Myth ' Essay

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Analytical Summary: “Freshman Myth”
Dr. Harke published article on news and blog website “Huffington Post Los Angeles” on June 11, 2011. Harke wants parents and students who are at the end of the road of their k-12 education to be aware that college may not be what they think it is and wants to save students from disappoint because they wasn’t as ready as they thought they were.
In the first paragraph, Dr. Harke talks about the excitement the graduating seniors feel as they complete their journey of k-12 education. Then he gets on the subject of why so many of those seniors dropout or flunk out of college, he explains that the students are “overly optimistic and confident” (Harke para 2) and which causes them to come to college with these false expectations. When students face the reality of college and it’s not nothing like they planned and they feel “disenchanted” (Harke para 2) and that will cause a lot of those students to lose the confidence and motivation they had coming in.
Harke then gives data showing how thirty-four percent of eight-teen million students dropped out within the first year because they were over confident and weren’t as prepared as they thought they were. He wants you to know that this can happen to anybody regardless of how successful you was in high school. He states that it’s common sense they institutions should be preparing these first year students in advance, but gives us data on why things aren’t going as well as they should be. For k-12…

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