Analysis: We Can Do It?

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We Can Do It?
During the years of World War II, Rosie the Riveter proudly stated to all of the American females that “We Can Do It.” Rosie was referring to jobs that, since the men were off to war, women had to do to keep the country going. Eventually, the men came back from war and it was like starting from scratch. The ideals of “a woman 's place” came back into play and ever since, women have been working hard to do It, whatever that means for them. Looking at how far the world has come in the many years since Rosie’s words of encouragement can really be stunning. The civil rights movement, second wave feminism, and the case of Roe vs. Wade were some extremely influential times in helping woman from all aspects of life get closer and closer
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Not only is there a stigma about ambitious girls who say yes, there are consequences for girls who say no. In Connecticut, a young girl was stabbed by a classmate because she said no to his prom invitation (Larimer). The young girl ended up dying because she said no to a boy. While this certainly isn’t an everyday case, it still happened only two years ago. The ever-growing list of what young girls have to worry about is always there. Not only do young girls worry about the aforementioned issues, but now the girls have to worry about saying yes or no to boys, too? The fact that girls still have to be on the lookout for men actively trying to hurt them is perhaps one of the scariest obstacles of all. If a young girl wants to move out of town, she thinks about the crime in the city and how she will protect herself if she gets into a situation. If a young girl goes out with a boy, she figures out how she will get out if things turn bad. If she is meeting with a male teacher or classmate, she ponders the same escape route. How in the world can today’s modern society expect the things from women that it does when they have twice the pressure on them? These pressures come from a whole plethora of places, maybe even including the people closest to a girl, and are ceaseless. The physical fear is one more thing tacked on to the list of …show more content…
When there are men like Matt Forney who waste their time writing articles about how women are inferior to men and will call all girls “coprophages,” it can seem like it’s getting worse. Looking at the success of amazing women, though, proves that it isn’t all in vain. Women who are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are amazing; the nurse who helped a kid with a broken arm is amazing; the woman serving your drinks to help her through college is amazing. Rosie the Riveter would be proud to see all of the things women have accomplished today, despite the roles and stereotypes pushed on them. Girls today, despite what is taught, can be ambitious, aggressive, nice, polite, beautiful, strong, and smart all at the same time, they just have to work that much harder. They have to go the extra mile and break down a lot of internalized hate and stereotypes to achieve their American Dream, but when they do, it is so rewarding. Even when women try and then don’t achieve their dream, they are still just as amazing for attempting because the list of obstacles are long and hard to get over alone. The way girls see their ability to achieve the American Dream can be pretty straining on their self-esteem, but the truth is that when they realize their potential and work hard, the possibilities are literally

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