The Sacramental Life: The Lord's Supper

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W 9 Assignment 2
The Sacramental Life

When a person sees the word sacramental, one thinks of the Lord's Supper. The Lord's Supper is when believers come together on a designated day in fellowship to remember Jesus' crucifixion on the cross while a man was still in their sinful nature. Because of His sacrifice believers worship Him and partake in the sacramental elements to show gratitude and love for His shed blood on the cross for humankind.
There is no unique power in the sacramental elements; the effectiveness of the Lord's Supper depends on the use of the people faithfulness of Christ's instructions before partaking in the substances. (485) This paper will discuss man's obligation to become a pathway for helping others understand grace
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Among the events presented, the least effective in representing God wholeheartedly is at the children and grandchildren's school activities because there are more excitement and involvement in cheering for the children and grandchildren as they play in the sport and participating in the school program. However, God is represented in a person's attitude in the game, but not one hundred percent because the focus is on the team and talking about the plays. In the other activities, God is presented through counseling, ministering, listening, preaching and teaching engagements through showing loving-kindness through the love He has demonstrated through behavior and the lifestyle of faith.
Grace in Exercise 3 is exemplified through a channel while interacting with others mostly outside of the home. The Bible says where there are two or three gathered together in His name; He is in the midst (Amos 3:3). So, a believer should always interact in a manner that God is present because He is present. Grace is revealed in man's Christ-like character daily even with the
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God uses human beings as his ministers to demonstrate grace, his mercy, and his presence in the world." (205) Believers are to exemplify the character of Christ by expressing his most significant gift which is love. The Bible tells a man that loving kindness is how God draws the unbelievers toward him to accept Jesus as their Savior. Also, Unger points out, "God's grace provides not only salvation but safety and preservation for the one saved, despite his imperfection." (504) Man is an imperfect person that is justified and will make mistakes over and over again needing

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