What Happened In Baseball Is America's Pastime?

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Baseball is America’s pastime. Little boys play catch and grow up dreaming of playing in the World Series. Families have picnics on the grass and watch a church baseball game. Friends plan a trip to a Major League game and share in the excitement. Ballplayers travel the country together while playing the game they love, becoming friends and often family. God created humanity for community and fellowship, which is a perfect opportunity for baseball. The characteristics of baseball players often emulate Christ. So many stories and events that happen in baseball portray God’s hand in the details. The family of baseball players show the idea that they are all made in the image of God through their love for each other and support in difficult times. …show more content…
Bush, 43rd president of the United States, co-owned the Texas Rangers MLB team for five years. He was a lifetime lover of baseball and believed that there was more to baseball than just the sport. "Baseball isn't just the stats. As much as anything else, baseball is the style of Willie Mays, or the determination of Hank Aaron, or the endurance of a Mickey Mantle, the discipline of Carl Yastrzemski, the drive of Eddie Mathews, the reliability of a (Al) Kaline or a (Joe) Morgan, the grace of a (Joe) DiMaggio, the kindness of a Harmon Killebrew, and the class of Stan Musial, the courage of a Jackie Robinson, or the heroism of Lou Gehrig. My hope for the game is that these qualities will never be lost." (President). There is more to baseball than just a game or sport. The attributes and characteristics of ballplayers are those that Christians should strive to emulate. All of the qualities that Bush mentions fall under Christianity's core commitments to glorify God and love Him and

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