The Nation Of Inequality: Movie Analysis

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The Nation of Inequality
In this life, we are given basic rights as humans. The right to walk outside our houses without getting shot at or assaulted. We have the right to speak our minds without being persecuted such as the country of Saudi Arabia. We are allowed to drive our cars at night without fear of being pulled over because of the color of your skin. Yet what the government has not tell you is that the latter, is an illusion unless you are the majority. People are blinded when they think of America as a wholly country of unity and acceptance. What the movement of Black Lives Matter and the police shooting in North Carolina has shown us is that basic human rights such as equality for minorities is still being fought for. In order to achieve this equality, we must understand that we cannot demand equality be given to us in a day. We should focus on setting aside our differences between the cultures, protesting peacefully, and for the white majority to actually see the problem that the minority has and for them to come together and actually help.
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I was taught, since 9/11, to keep my head down and to not draw attention to myself. This is what life has taught me, that you cannot be given what you have to have patience in order to achieve your goal. Similar to Mr. Tolson when explaining to Henry in the movie “The Great Debaters” on why they cannot stay on campus of a white college, and if they are just receiving bread crumbs from the white man, all Mr. Tolson said was “one step at a time” (Washington, The Great Debaters). We cannot, as is mostly everyone in this country, expect change to happen in a day. We cannot as a country expect that equality will happen just because we want it to. We have to take it a step at time. One of the ways to do this, is letting go of our

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