Two Societies Reflection

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Two Societies After watching, Eyes on the Prize episode, Two Societies, I was wondering what the topic was about, which I had an idea, but I was not sure. When I watched this episode I was in complete shock. Before writing this paper, I had to really reflect. Everything I have learned about history is so absurd. I personally cannot wait to continue on learning and spreading this information on to others about the real history of the United States of America. Often times with readings people often skim through and get bored with it. When there is a film assigned people are usually happy because they do not have to read a million pages. I think it is a great to have assignments that not only consist of reading, writing and reflecting but also watching a film and reflecting. I believe both, reading and watching films, both guide people in the direction of learning and reflecting. This episode, Two Societies, …show more content…
In addition, I believe it really takes a strong leader to move forward, and stand up for not only his rights but for many others. I do not know if I can go way out of my comfort knowing I am not welcome somewhere. I have never had to worry to go somewhere because of my skin color. Growing up, I never realized I had the privilege because of my skin color. It was not until college that I learned about White Privilege. But according to most people, like me, we do not realize we have the privilege because we have never had to experience any negativity. I wonder how it would be if the roles were switched. Everything we know is all made up from humans, which is quite frightening because everything that happened, or is happening is because of humans. Humans are possibly the greatest detriment of society. As many people may or may not know, Americans of all races, and gender have been oppressed sometime in their life. I hope one day we can overcome all the negativity, but yet again we do not live in a utopian

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