The Great Debaters

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  • Stereotypes In The Great Debaters

    Growing up in Marshal, Texas in the 1930s, a group of powerful students from Wiley College, an all-black institute, began to leave their mark on this old segregated town. Conquering every debate team in their path, little Willey College soon faced Harvard, the school of the elite, so they say. From determination and perseverance this small group of kids defeated the odds becoming the reigning champions in the south at the time. While some critiques feel that this film is racially melodramatic and fabricated, I argue the film The Great Debaters dramatizes the humiliation and persecution of how blacks felt by explicit depictions of lynching and abuse. One way the movie The Great Debaters dramatizes the humiliation is in the lynching scene. Stephen…

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  • The Great Debaters By Denzel Washington

    The film Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington is a powerful example of a movie that can show you different aspects of the change in society. The movie is about a teacher, Denzel Washington who tried to teach an African American debate team how to compete and to improve on every level. This was a hard thing to do because around this time in America, it was hard for anybody of color to be this successful. He ran into many roadblocks while trying to produce success and making sure that his…

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  • The Great Debaters

    How does the main character (or main characters) exemplify someone with gifted abilities? In the movie “The Great Debaters”, the main character demonstrates the abilities of a gifted person in several ways. The college professor, as his title suggests, nearly ideal example of leadership of a gifted person. Professor Tolson brings together a black debate team at Wiley College to compete against the best in the country. To assemble a group of students for a common goal, it requires leadership…

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  • Great Debaters Theme

    “The Great Debaters” In Denzel Washington’s movie “The Great Debaters”, many different themes are represented dealing with the idea of identity. Identity is the state or fact of remaining the same. Identity of accepting one’s race, gender, and recognizing the power of knowledge. These themes are shown throughout the movie which is about a college professor who boldly challenged the discriminatory Jim Crow laws of the 1930s. The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws enforcing racial…

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  • The Great Debaters Essay

    During the Great Depression whites people were still discriminate against colors people. African American started to fight back with racial riots, protest on civil right movement. White people had another thing coming, African American were building a union to let other know that we are human and should be treated equally. Each movement of African American union leaders inspire young and old our brother and sister to do better for themselves. In 1935 in little small town Marshall, Texas the…

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  • The Great Debaters Analysis

    rationale for Jim Crow laws was that the laws protected Blacks from society. Many Whites in the Southern states were angry at the Confederate’s defeat and they resented African Americans. In theory by separating Blacks and Whites, Blacks wouldn’t have to constantly deal with the verbal and physical abuse of Whites. Jim Crow tried to justify its racism by saying it was protection for blacks. Jim Crow laws were democratic, white supremacist justified their racist views by saying it was agreed upon…

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  • The Nation Of Inequality: Movie Analysis

    I was taught, since 9/11, to keep my head down and to not draw attention to myself. This is what life has taught me, that you cannot be given what you have to have patience in order to achieve your goal. Similar to Mr. Tolson when explaining to Henry in the movie “The Great Debaters” on why they cannot stay on campus of a white college, and if they are just receiving bread crumbs from the white man, all Mr. Tolson said was “one step at a time” (Washington, The Great Debaters). We cannot, as is…

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  • The Great Debaters: Melvin B. Tolson

    which resulted in the unequal treatment of people based on their race or gender. Set in the American South in the 1930s, the biographical film The Great Debaters follows the debate team of Wiley College, an all black institution, and its coach Melvin B. Tolson in their efforts to prove prejudice wrong by excelling in debate. After many successful competitions, Harvard University invites Wiley College to compete. Despite Harvard’s reputation as one of the best schools in the country, Wiley…

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  • The Great Debaters James Farmer Jr

    In the movie “The Great Debaters”, James Farmer Jr. argues that it is acceptable and/or necessary for citizens to protest against unfair or unjust laws considering that authorities would discriminate harshly against the African Americans, denied privileges that are necessary for everyone, and finally considering mobs are penetrating horrifying behavior that endure offensive nature. To begin with, the film portrays horrific injustices toward many African American, for example, arresting Mr.…

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  • Analysis Of Discipleship By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    Simple obedience is a straight forward statement – a disciple must obey Jesus’ word. If one is not willing to obey Jesus and his words, they cannot be his disciple. Mnay people will call themselves disciples but are not willing to obey Jesus. Just like people who do not want to pay ordinary “So Jesus has to make it clear and unmistakable to his disciples that the need to suffer now applies to them to.” (p. 85.) As previously discussed, being a disciple comes at a cost. And the cost includes…

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