Essay about Analysis : ' Reporting Live From Tomorrow '

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People are always face the "how to be successful" issues every day and it is already become the source of modern pressure, especially for the younger adults. The ways to be successful is not changeless thus people can be successful in their own ways. However, so factors are the key of success. People need to know and follow them to be successful. Robin Marantz Henig talks about a lot of issues and examples about the young adults in "What Is It about 20-Somethings". She focus on the topics about the young people, she points out that today people cannot use the old standards of adults to request the young people now. Because of the changing of cultural and economic environment, young people in this era face more problems and challenges thus if theses young people need to follow new factors to be successful. Everyone has the special ways to be successful, and these personal ways cannot be copied. Daniel Gilbert shows this idea for his readers in "Reporting Live from Tomorrow". He mentions that success is the life goal for most people, but every person has a different kind of definition of their own success. In his essay, he points out some misunderstandings about success to prove that people have their own ideas about success, and it is hard to use one standard to represent success for everyone. Young people should focus on what they do with a objective and comprehensive perspective at same time, they should have a very clear awareness about their ability and face difficulties…

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