Analysis: Relieving Tensions Through Unconventional Methods

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Relieving Tensions through Unconventional Methods Mehmet Oz once declared “What happens when you have great grief in your life is the arteries of that heart begins to spasms down, just literally squeezes down like this because you’re feeling the tension of your life and then the heart muscle itself also begin- to get stressed out.” While my mind was more attentive and energized due to the continuous use of my meditation regime, my body still experienced tensions and soreness. As discussed in my last paper, I mediated every Saturday, to the sound of a grandfather clock, as a way of being in the moment and calming down. Meditation proved to be enjoyful and beneficial, but the soreness also proved to be a distraction, thus I opted to employ a different method for coping.
Firstly, I will introduce Connor McGregor and his
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I performed cobra stretches, spine stretches leg and arm stretches to warm up the body for the long day ahead. Within several weeks I noticed improvements in my breathing, posture, and fluidity. My stride felt wider and natural and I felt nimble on my feet. It was as if a bungee cord was attached to my back during all of my waking hours.
I was so distracted by these results that I neglected to meditate at all. Soon my thoughts were no more than cluttered once more, and then I opted to combine both disciples. I realized that the body movements and mediation would be a powerful combination. With the help of mediation, calming the mind, and the help of the movements, calming the body, I reached a point where I was relaxed and fit.
I learned quite a few things about myself during this journey. For one, I never imagined myself mediating and performing stretches to cope. I believed that the best method was to push through until the wall eventually breaks down. I’m a little wiser now; I now know that the best method is to step back and just observe. Take things as they come, one day at a

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