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1st Analysis Paper - Penn State Scandal

On June 2012, Jerry Sandusky, former assistant Penn State football coach, was found guilty for 45 of the 48 charges of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15 year period. He was previously known as a notable college football coach who wrote several books and even founded The Second Mile, a nonprofit charity serving Pennsylvania underprivileged and at risk youth. This scandal deeply affected the whole Penn State community but also the entire state of Pennsylvania, victims and their families, and the general public. It was a media frenzy and many were shocked to hear about the corruption that was going on at Penn State. One of the greatest football
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The reasons why they chose to whit hold information is something that is morally inexcusable. Countless victims were sexually abused by Sandusky years after coach Paterno and other University administration knew about it. This is very sickening but there are a few reasons why I believe they never followed good ethics. One thing that both Paterno and the University Administration did was withheld information that they had knowledge of. In many ways by not saying anything they didn’t feel like they could even be held accountable it seems. The fact that they did have knowledge can be proven by the fact that in the article, The Woman Who Stood Up To Joe Parterno, stated that "Based on the evidence, the only known intervening factor between the decision made on February 25th, 2001 by Spanier, Curley and Schultz to report the incident to the Department of Public Welfare and then agreeing not to do so on February 27th was Mr. Paterno's February 26th conversation with Mr. Curley." (O’Neill). So essentially Paterno based on this evidence just didn’t decided to no go forward and tell what really happened. There were also other who knew based on this evidence and they too even though Paterno decided not to go forward they themselves did not regardless. This is very similar to the documentary that we watched on the Sundance channel where people react different when they are alone apposed when they

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