Analysis Of ' Wit, A College Professor, Vivian Bearing, With Stage 4 Metastatic Ovarian Cancer

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Nurses play a variety of roles in healthcare, and all of which are centered on the patient’s quality of care. In the film Wit, a college professor, Vivian Bearing, is diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer. This film documents the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion she undergoes while receiving chemotherapy treatment in a hospital facility. This patient was previously a well-distinguished academic, who by the end of the film is stripped of all of her humanity. As she journeys on through the various treatments, Ms. Bearing encounters a multitude of healthcare professionals ranging from doctors, residents, nurses, and radiologists. Many of these professionals are simply doing the necessities of their job description and nothing more: except the nurse.
The one registered nurse portrayed throughout the film, Susie, demonstrates compassion and respect for Ms. Bearing that none of the other employees display. Susie’s role in many cases is of an advocate, counselor, and comforter. This nurse is continually demonstrating advocacy as she emphasizes her patient’s needs and desires to the other healthcare professionals responsible for Ms. Bearing’s care. A direct example of this is after Ms. Bearing’s passing. Susie expresses Ms. Bearing’s desire to not be resuscitated when her heart stops. Although there was an attempt made to resuscitate after the initial recognition of death. Susie, being aware of Ms. Bearing’s desire to not revive if the situation occurred,…

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