Whiteness Bell Hooks Analysis

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Whiteness was being represented in the imagination of blacks by the oppression from the whites on the black people in an attempt to compel them to forget the horrors done to them by the whites. This is intersectional to colonial events that show a comparison to both articles by the use of history.this essay will analyse bell hooks study of how whiteness is represented in the black people 's imagination and her argument that white people superior in the society have safely allowed them to imagine black to be invisible and since the power that white people historically asserted, and even collectively assert over black people, accorded them to the-the right to control the blacks view (hook 340). She argues that racist white people did …show more content…
Stereotype occurs when there is separation among people. They are an invention , a pretence that one knows when the steps that would make real knowing possible cannot be taken are not allowed (hook 341) she recalls the way the issue of whiteness was raised in black lives and how social circumstance created by racial segregation and white supremacy amongst the black community, a time when black associated whiteness with terrible and terrorizing and how whites were seen as terrorist especially those who entered the segregated space of the blacks. In relation to hooks study of whiteness, Frankenberg study were fairly similar to hooks study but also differs. both articles discussed historical event and experiences that were in favour or against the belief of whiteness. Frankenberg theory was built in dominance, and how white people she themselves as the other (frankenberg6) she disagrees that whiteness and privilege are essential to structuring race in addition, the idea of race shapes any system of differentiation and those on whom it bestows privilege as well as those it oppresses (pg 6) Racial differences and society formed colonization to put opportunity for whites in the upper class, which made it inaudible to the norm of the

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