Analysis Of Welcome To The New East Side High

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requirement to bring the school back on track or risked being taken over by the state.

Mr. Clark’s love for East Side was the motivational factor which drove him to return to the school as principal and to raise the school standards. Joes approached to running the school was to be an autocratic leader, thus he handed down instructions to both staff and students and did not considered their opinion. He instructed students be the one to remove graffiti since it was their doing. Joe saw the cafeteria area as a cage and this made the students behaved like animals. This description used by Joe is one of an ‘analogy,’ e.g., comparing the cafeteria to that of a cage. Joe stated teachers needed to reclaim the halls and be in controlled of the learning
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Clark add the word New to East Side High when he stated “welcome to the New East Side High.” The movie also has aspects of coercion this is vivid when one parent whose son was expelled was so irate that she coerced the Mayor to get on the school board to get Joe Clark out of the school she even stated that Joe did not show respect for the black coach. Joe believed that hard talk was the order of the day so it was not surprising that he used such on Mr. Sams a freshman who was expelled and instated that he wanted to be in school. Mr. Clark gave him a second chance after using harsh reality techniques to see if Sams was serious about getting back into school. In addition, Mr. Clark performed the role of father to the students of the school; firm but yet loving so it was no surprise that when he was arrested the students demonstrated to get him out of prison and even mentioned that he was like the father they never had. Clark used insulting remarks at times to get his message over. He believed in the respect of the school song and insisted that all students should learn the song. At times Mr. Clark treated his staff just like he treated the students demanding total respect from them. He went as far as to suspend Mr. Darnell. Mr. Clark acted as a guardian and protector of his students; he chained the school doors to protect them from the outside criminal elements. He had a soft spot for troubled students, he helped his former elementary now high school student who felt unwanted at home (Kaneesha daughter – Ms. Carter

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