Water Light Graffiti Essay

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The project that I chose is called Water Light Graffiti. This is an interactive art instillation that has a moisture-sensitive surface. The instillation is equipped with thousands of LEDs in order to created illuminated art. The LEDs light up when touched by water.
Water Light Graffiti is a very interesting and beautiful art instillation. Water plays a crucial part in this instillation. When water touches the “canvass”, it creates an electrical bridge and gives the power for the installation to light up. The wetter canvass gets, the brighter it gets. Water light Graffiti’s purpose is said to be a reactive material to draw or write messages that are made of light. Participants of all ages has joined in on the experience of Water light Graffiti. Age and artistic ability are not an important factor when using the art instillation. It is a friendly project aims toward everyone to release their creativity. It appears to be a great way to relax
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I think of the sides of buildings and urban artists expressing themselves. I think of spray paint and passion, I usually don’t think lights being one of the causes of graffiti. To me, lights have the connotation of elegance in art. I would imagine lights hanging from a ceiling, such as with a chandelier, I would not picture thousands of lights on a surface that would transform into something so beautiful.
I think it is very interesting that water can be used in this art instillation. When I think of water, I do not necessarily think of art. Water is a clear liquid and will not show up well on any canvass. How can throwing water around be known as artistic? I was very shocked. The product of using his instillation is phenomenal. The thought, time and energy that went into this project is incredible. The engineering is also something to be admired. The lights must be connected in a certain way in order for them to light up and become even brighter as more water hits the

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