Essay about Analysis Of Tyler And Sam 's Birthday

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Tyler and Sam grew up together as neighbors and have known each other for roughly fourteen years now. Tyler was older than Sam but only by two months and twenty nine days. Tyler and Sam did everything together including riding bikes, homework, and even talked about what it would be like to be all grown up and married with kids of their own. They both made a pact to name their first born after one another. They did not know what would happen if the baby came out to be a girl because they were to young back then to know where babies came from. They would tell each other that no matter what happens the two of them would always be best friends. Tyler’s birthday is coming up soon and Sam does not know what to get a guy turning twenty who have everything. Sam may have lived a crossed the street from Tyler but it was clear who’s dad made the most money. Every year for Tyler’s birthday, his dad would buy him some expensive gifts that were always bigger than the next. Sam was lucky to get anything besides a happy birthday from his old man. Whenever Tyler would come over to Sam’s house, Sam’s dad treated Tyler like he was his own kid and treated Sam like crap. Sam would ignore his father and go over Tyler’s house knowing he was not allowed to. Tyler’s mom was nice to Sam and would ask him if he was hungry. Sam felt like he was part of the family and he always wanted to visit them. Some days he would call Tyler’s mom; mom but no one seem to care. High school was finishing up soon…

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