Analysis Of Tinker Air Force Base Essay

1029 Words Mar 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Every organization has its strengths and weaknesses. As organization grows, weakness and strengths are identified and analyzed. Acknowledging these two factors may promote success within and outside the company. But an organization may collapse if the recognition of these reasons are not present. This paper will discuss methodology used to assess communication effectiveness. The 421st GUMBA at Tinker Air Force Base is a supply sustainment organization that focuses on forecasting and purchasing parts to support the warfighters. This organization consist of the requirement equipment specialists, logistic managers, item managers, and purchase manager specialist. The 421st GUMBA works alongside its sister organization that comprise of engineers, technical equipment specialists, and program manager to forecast and purchase future requirements for the Air Force. Each section depends on one another in order to forecast to the best of their abilities. The first strength in the 421st is knowledge sharing (Oye, Mazleena & Noorminshah, 2011) within the organization. The turnover percentage in this organization is high which would limit the knowledge to perform given and daily duties. Other sections inside and outside of this organization knowledge sharing adds value to the workers’ performance and organization growth. The ability to share something that may protect one’s competitive edge shows the effectiveness of an organization to succeed when knowledge is diminishing.…

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