Essay about Analysis Of Thomas Jefferson Middle School

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Long, wide roads, small houses, and steel fences were my view as I walked into an unfamiliar building called Thomas Jefferson Middle School. I did not know anything about the culture or the language; a huge chill came over me, which I have never felt before. I felt goose bumps as I first walked in the building. The building was old and was not well cared for. The colors of the walls were fading and the elevators made the sound of a dying animal when it moved. Even though I was just twelve years old girl, I felt like a seventy year old women carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Everything I knew was turned upside down and I felt like I needed to know more than I should just to survive in that place. Walking into the cafeteria I saw the chairs that were aligned in order, and the food the kids were eating. As I got back to those chairs with my food, I wondered what is this food? Should I put something in my mouth that I have no clue what it is? I decided on dumping all the food in the garbage. Then I went straight to class.
As the bell rang to go to the next class, I sat there thinking the teacher would leave and another teacher would come in. After two minute the teacher came to me and told me that “class was over and I should go to my next class”. I was very confused, I asked my teacher politely where my next class was, but he couldn’t understand what I was saying so I got up and left. It took me a while to find my other class but finally I did it even though I…

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