Ethical Argument Essay

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In order to understand what is considered right and wrong, we must be able to understand ethics. Ethics are moral principles that govern an individual’s behavior, but also what a human should do in life when facing situations. In the article “Thinking Ethically” by Manual Velasquez et al, we are introduced to 4 different types of ethical approaches; Utilitarian, Rights, Fairness, and Common-Good Approach, in which we are able to analyze ethics for a more profound meaning. By grasping these approaches, we are able to acquire greater knowledge of what is ethical in life, and how we can greatly refine our ethics. How we overcome important decisions, solely depends on how much personal knowledge we have of our own ethics. To improve our own ethics, we must be able to understand what is the best for us and other people. Within the article “Thinking Ethically” by Manual Velasquez et al, we realize that utilitarian approach is useful for figuring out what decision is ethical to resolve an issue. According to the passage, “ethical actions are those that provide the greatest balance of good over evil.” (Velasquez et al 2). This helps us to understand which course of actions we …show more content…
According to Manual Velasquez et al article “Thinking Ethically,” we are presented with the common-good approach, in which everybody not just one person, benefits. According to the article, “certain general conditions that are…equally to everyone’s advantage.” (Velasquez et al 3). To truly understand this approach, we must accept that we are all part of one community and we must seek out solutions that benefit everybody, and also respecting their own personal goals and values. This becomes a vital approach in our lives, because being alive means to live side by side with people, and having a common ground means all can thrive exceptionally

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