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One major difference Apuleius makes in his depiction of Psyche is that he places a premise in her original encounter with Cupid – she is not allowed to know his identity nor to see his face. The sequence of Psyche’s acquaintance with her lover, in fact, plays quite an important role in the story. People often say that, “To see is to believe.” However, it is not always the case. Under the circumstance of love, what one sees will be highly deceptive, as it is human nature that one will prefer individuals with charming faces or distinguished reputations and thus more easily fall victim to his/her biased judgement. As illustrated by the misery of Echo in Ovid’s Metamorphosis, her love for Narcissus bases so much on his outstanding appearance that she even overlooks his intrinsic personality and quality.
“…Echo happened by, and at the very sight of him grew hot; she secretly pursued him through the woods, her heat increasing as she overtook him, as torches smeared with highly flammable…” (Ovid 479-483)
Eros aroused merely by the superficial impression is dangerous in that it will prevent people from rationally evaluating the essence, and therefore pursue the false front blindly. Likewise, in Virgil’s Aeneid, when Dido falls in love with Aeneas, it is evident that she is largely affected by his handsome looks and also his fames (citation). Both of the external features can be misleading because it is easy to manipulate them deliberately. Meanwhile, the kind of love…

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