The Winter Concert Review Essay 'O Holy Night'

The Winter Concert was a marvelous showcase of music talent from the student body of St. John’s music society. There were in total twelve magnificent musical pieces and were all much appreciated by the people who were there. All the musical pieces were great, but the one that I enjoyed the most was the Claude Debussy which was presented by Kevin Won and Rex Chou who played the piano together. However, that does not take away from the other music works that were down. Furthermore, I felt all the pieces of music had some great moments and others not so good, but overall was a great concert. The opening act, O Holy Night showcased some great vocals of Samm Sclafani and flute skills of Caitlyn McAloon that made the piece a good way to start the night. Samm Sclafani was able to manipulate her voice extremely well and her voice was able to come on as very soothing. Next act, Jesus Joy of Man’s Desiring, was done with much harmony as the flutist and violinist were in very much synch, but I felt towards the end the performance it became a little dull and drawn out. However, overall their performance was very good. The third …show more content…
All the musical performances were done very well and had great moments such as the four hands on the piano, Claude Debussy, which showed exceptional skills on the piano from Kevin Won and Rex Chou. Furthermore, there was quite a few people there for a string of wonderful pieces of music. Additionally, there were unique pieces such as an original composition which was played with guitars which no other performances used. Another was the Tristette by Chopin which was performed by Linda Lin (piano) and Cindy Le (violin) and the violin emphasized the sadistic tone that Chopin wanted when written. The finale was more like a performance of a school band with the whole Music Society coming together for the last piece of music, Serenade for Strings by Edward

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