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Watching these videos was an interesting experience, I have seen videos like these before and I do think that they have some good points. While our earth has a limited amount of resources and we has humans need to be careful how they are used, but we as Americans are using more than we need but we also produce and sell a lot of the worlds “stuff” for them. One of the problems that I had with the video Story of Stuff is just like every other propaganda video it was one sided and had some miss information and implied un true or un conformed facts to get its point across. One example is the presumption that every big company is evil and that the government is these companies lap dog, which is just not the case.
The video I chose to write about
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From the research that I have found there are three main useful ideas on how to limit the use and waste of plastic water bottles and they are: reusing the bottles at home, recycling with a reputable recycler, and using refillable bottles when able. Using old material at home to create new goods has become a growing part of the US society mainly because of sites like Pinterest that show creative ways to reuse things that would normally be thrown away. This is the same even with plastic bottles, such as making them into lamps, storage devices, car coverings, and even planters; these are all ideas that can be found online at (Bored The next big thing that people are doing is recycling, but many people do not know where they go after they leave the bin. To keep the bottles from ending up like the ones from the video people can ether do research on there own or use resources like ( who have list of recycling places that they have vetted and can be trusted listed on there site. They are also a good resource for any other type of recycling that might be done. And the final of the ideas is using reusable bottles, while this idea is very popular and is being widely used, there is a question that must be asked “is the bottle your using safe?” and in order to find that out you should look up what each type of bottle is made from and what plastic is used. Instead of having to do that yourself, there are places and people how have done it for you and made it even easier to know if you’re making the right choice in bottles. One of these places is and it has a lot of good info about the bottles it recommends on it. Though there are many ways to look at this and many different ways people go about

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