ESRB Rating

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Now, the variables game genre and ESRB ratings have the same importance as the variable console types. Gamers typically have their own opinions about what game genres suit their needs as an individual. Some may find MMORPGS more entertaining than online shooters like Call of Duty. Once the genre is specified, it will be easier for The Umbrella Gaming Company to cater to our consumers tastes, which, in the end, will help the company to promote certain genres each player enjoys more when they log in. When it comes to the ESRB rating system, it heavily correlates with game genres. As mentioned earlier, age is a big factor when it comes to gaming. Players come in all ages and some games genres, specifically those with higher ratings in the ESRB …show more content…
For example, in a study conducted by Griffiths, Ph.D., time online was a viable variable used to measure the involvement of gamers. The research study revealed that a small minority of players sacrifice important activities (such as sleep, and schooling) by spending more time online. Last-login is another viable variable; furthermore, indicating how a gamer responds to a game but identifying how often the game is accessed. The more recent a gamer log-in, the more likely the gamer is to be susceptible to promotional campaigns and being involved in the gamer …show more content…
SPSS Database
Database Design
Once variables have been established with proper knowledge of its importance, building the actual database should be simple. Umbrella Gaming’s customer database was created on SPSS, a system on which individuals may manipulate data, obtain descriptive statistics, and acquire necessary analysis.

The first step was to input all variables, and establish their labels, which is another way to recognize the variable. Then recognizing its type and measure was crucial. Some might be string, but a majority are numeric for type. Type is considered to be important because it governs what a variable can and cannot do. For instance, you can have calculations created out of numeric variables not string ones. Meanwhile, in measure, most variables are scaled or nominal. This signifies how a variable will be used and the classification of it. Reference Appendix A for screenshots.

Finally, some variables need to have values defined like age, points earned etc., so Umbrella Gaming may see more of a bell curve analysis when running tests. Reference Appendix B for screenshots. There are other items that need to be decided on in the database, but they are simpler such as the width of the variable or the alignment wanted of information when

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