Essay about Analysis Of The Three Pieces We Read This Week

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Reflecting on Uprootedness and Transplantation The three pieces we read this week were Oscar Handlin’s “Immigration Portrayed As an Experience of Uprootedness”, John Bodnar’s “Immigration Portrayed As an Experience of Transplantation”, and Rudolph J. Vecoli’s “From the Uprooted to the Transplanted: The Writing of American Immigration History, 1951 – 1989*”. The first to pieces are opposing perspectives on the American immigration experience while the third reviews those two essays and elaborates on the development of scholarly work on American Immigration History. Handlin’s “Uprootedness” makes some very broad generalizations of the American immigration experience. Indeed, Vecoli even points out that Handlin’s oversimplification erases large parts of the true experience. To summarize Handlin’s view, the move to America was horrible because the immigrants were stripped of their home communities and received a culture shock in America when there were no familiar customs, kin, or social hierarchy. Frankly, this belief is both inaccurate and depressing. Many immigrants came to America together, even if it was not with their families, and stayed in general areas with people of the same nationality or religious views. Therefore, the sense of community and traditions from their homelands were not entirely lost. This has shaped America today and can be seen in American celebrations of a wide range of holidays originating from other countries. Handlin seems to push a perspective…

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