Essay about Analysis Of The Story ' The Story Of Me '

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The Story of Me
A thunderstorm In Moberly, Missouri welcomed me at 4 O’clock on August 6, 2000. I was unexpectedly born on my grandparents 34th anniversary. When I came home from the hospital, I was greeted by two sisters, Hannah and Claire. We lived at our old house peacefully for a three years, until my sister came and ruined my third birthday party. Chloee was born on August 4, 2003, two days before my birthday, and she came home the day of my birthday party and got all the attention.
My family included of my Mom, Dad, and two sisters. My mom, Velvet Dorrell, Was born in raised in rural Marceline, and is currently a fourth grade teacher at Walt Disney Elementary and has been for around 25 years. My dad
In the years before I went to kindergarten, I spent my days being babysat by “Nini” Schreiner, and Anita Fiale. I met a good friend at Anita’s, Nathan Sayre, and we’ve been friends ever since. At “Nini’s” (Nancy and Lowell Schreiner 's) I had a lot of fun riding bikes, jumping on their trampoline, running around the house, playing with their dog, and causing mischief in general. In the summer, when my mom was off school, we swam in our pond, played with our rabbits, and watched “Bob the Builder” My parents were and are strong Catholic believers, and every Sunday morning everyone got up, dressed up, and went to town for mass. The Catholic religion stuck with us, and my oldest sister, Hannah, just graduated from a Catholic college, and my other sister, Claire, was recently…

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