Essay on Analysis Of ' The Republican Elephant '

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Visual Analysis
When you look at this article you realize that both political parties are at the table with a formal setting (suits, wine, napkins tucked in shirt collar, ect). The Republican elephant (left) is holding a menu with new candidates that have little to no experience in the white house. While the Democratic donkey (right) is thinking “leftovers…” as it holds a fork and knife while looking at an old and wrinkly Hillary Clinton that is curled in a ball on a plate in the middle of the table. I personally think Hillary’s record politically is a joke that screams that she shouldn’t even be considering running for President of the United States for many reasons.
To begin with Hillary Clinton has been in politics longer than most college freshmen and sophomores. She first entered the White House as First Lady under Bill Clinton who served two four year terms. After years of trying to stay out of the spotlight as her husband was impeached due to sleeping with staff she ran for New York senate. She would serve eight years until she became the U.S. Secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 where she served at the pleasure of President Obama. Hillary has ran for office once before in 2008 where she lost the Democratic nomination to current President Obama as we all know she is currently running again in the 2016 election with her only competition for now being Senator Bernie Sanders.
Hillary also shares a lot of the same policies and ideas that President Obama shares. A lot of…

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