Analysis Of The Poem ' Talking Back ' By Bell Hooks Essay

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A woman uses writing as a way to heal herself in a society where she was powerless. The novelist, bell hooks, recites the overcoming struggle she faces by living in a white dominant world. hooks desire is to portray to her audience that African American writers deserve the same treatment as white writers. For her, poetry is her escape from her true identity. It is her privileged speech that allows herself to express her emotions. hooks embraces her well being as an under privileged black poet and shares with the reader her experiences and struggles. She relays her passion by writing stories that reflect her struggles of being “different”. In her novel, “Talking Back”, the message she 's trying to send to her readers is to have a loud voice and don 't be afraid to speak up. hooks speaks up over the unfairness she experiences via her race. In order to relay this message in the most compelling way, she appeals to logos, pathos and rhetorical questions as ways for the reader to become informed and sympathetic to racial discrimination that exists everywhere around the world. bell hooks starts her novel off with a casual approach to grab the reader 's attention immediately. hooks uses informal diction to show her personality in a conversational tone. “I began writing poetry when I was young, 10 years old. Poetry came into my life, the sense of poetry, with reading scripture with those awkward and funny little rhymes we would memorize on Easter Sunday” (hooks 10). hooks tone…

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