Analysis Of The Poem ' Mother Of Son ' By Langston Hughes Essay examples

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Langston Hughes poem, “Mother to Son,” provides exclusive evidence that single mothers are the strongest women in the word. The author demonstrations that a young man do not need a father to teach them valuable life lessons in their life journey. A women’s strength is often unseen and not respected by the men of our generation. This poem is the voice of all single mothers that are raising a son without the support of their child’s father. In this poem the author is trying to say that women are strong, independent, and courageous.
The strength a single mother illustrates makes tall mountains seem like little hills in life. A woman that is raising a boy to be a man cannot show no weakness or tears when face with obstacles that is presented while living. In Hughes’s poem “Mother to Son” the narrator exclaims, “So boy, don’t you turn back. Don’t you set down on the steps cause you finds it’s kinder hard…For I’se still goin’,honey” (707). An average women is content with giving up and letting their hardships defeat them. A single strong woman will not let the battles keep her down: she will push through them and strive to be a better woman for her son. As you can see, the narrator is teaching and showing her son that when troubles come his way push through them because she pushed through hers. Langston Hughes narrator of the poem “Mother to Son” is the definition of a strong single mother.
In society today being an independent black women is as common as having cheese on a…

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