Analysis Of Kids Who Die By Langston Hughes

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All types of kids will die someday no matter how hard you try to make their lives better economically; similar to the tale “Kids Who Die” by Langston Hughes. Hughes was a literary icon well known for writing about the African Americans’ experience with racism and discrimination during the 1950-1960’s. He was the leading voice of the Harlem Renaissance, promoting upcoming young poets. On the other hand, he was the first black poet to support himself through his writing, according to the Poetry Foundation. In this poem, the theme displays children will die to strive for a better lifestyle, while the affluent people are living care-free.
First of all, the kids are dying trying to get out of scarcity, hoping to be successful as the rich peoples’ one day. For instance, “Kids will die in the street of Chicago organizing workers” (line 9-10) because the kids are jeopardizing their lives by being involved in a gang to support their necessities and desires
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Through his establishment of this theme, Hughes shows the readers how hard the kids worked striving for a better future while the rich people did nothing but take advantage of them. For instance, the kids were working long hours in the swamps of Mississippi picking cotton without any food or water getting paid very little. Some of the kids died but the rich people only cared about money, not the kid 's livelihood.On the other hand, the rich people did not want the kids like Angelo Herndon to rise to power because he could enhance the kid 's knowledge so them the way out of poverty, while the rich wanted them to stay there working like slaves. However, Hughes wrote this poem to encourage people’s stop taking advantage of others that are uneducated just to fulfilled your lifestyle; instead, provide them better opportunities so they can be successful as

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