Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' I Will Not Love It ! '

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“I will not love it! And isn’t it better to look like a fool with me than with Perceval? I mean, whoever your future husband may be.” Carina gave a wry grin and held out the other cucumber. “Just go ahead and grasp it and move your hand up and down with a firm grip.”
Summoning her courage, Joan reached out and wrapped her hand around the cucumber, doing her best to imitate the actions Carina had demonstrated earlier.
“You are a natural!” praised Carina, and Joan groaned at the statement. “Now it’s time to use your mouth.”
Joan dropped her hand. “That’s enough cucumber-wrangling for one day. Plus, if he were this huge, I might die,” she said, gesturing toward the vegetable.
“He might not be quite this large,” Carina conceded, “but he’s a big man and I’m sure he’ll have big equipment to match.”
Joan sighed once more. “This is the first and last time I am ever doing this with you!” She carefully took the cucumber into her mouth. It was far too long to take in the whole thing, so she wrapped her hand around the rest.
“That is EXACTLY what you should do!” Carina cheered. “If he’s too big to fit all the way into your mouth, use your hand!”
“That’s it, lesson’s over,” exclaimed Joan, twisting the cucumber from her friend’s grip.
“Perceval’s going to be a lucky man one of these days,” Carina teased, as Joan tossed the turgid green vegetable at her dear friend.
They both collapsed onto the floor in hysterical laughter.
The next afternoon, as promised, Joan returned to…

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