Analysis Of The Poem ' How Dare You Bring Him Here, ' She Exclaimed '

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“How dare you bring him here,” she exclaimed. “I thought you two could talk things out.”
She shook her head. “You thought wrong brother.”
Tichaona uncrossed his arms. “For the boy 's sake Manyara. It has to be done. Give the man another chance.” “A Chance.” Before she was angry. Now she was furious. “Are you jesting.” Tichaona and Manyara closed the gap as they argued on my account. What was happening between them was all my fault. “Enough,” I said sharp, stopping the argument before it went to far. “There is no need for this. I know when I 'm not wanted.” Lowered my head not to hit the door-frame and exited the house at once and walked to my mare, loosened the girth and readjusted and was about to mount the mare. “Wait.” My foot dropped back to the group with a heavy thud, surprised that it was Manyara that joined me and not Tichaona who had stayed in the house. She sighed deeply as if this was a difficult task to speak with me. She looked afar as if she wanted to delay this one-on-one meeting with me. She showed her one-braided hair behind her shoulder and loosely crossed her arms before turning her attention back to me. “Tichaona is right,” she said, glanced briefly toward the house where Tichaona leaned causally against the threshold 's wall. Manyara wiped her forehead which she had tendency to do when she was frustrated or anxious about something that was bothered her. Knowing this moment, I held my breath and waited for her speak first which seemed…

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