Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Caledonia Forest '

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Caledonia Forest, 6th century
erlin, infatuated with Vivien, vowed to win her favor by any means. The old sorcerer knew at his age he could not compete with a younger suitor. She would need a rare enticement to spend time with him. Desperate, he offered to instruct her in the art of enchantment in exchange for her company.
Vivien grew weary of the old man’s constant attentions and finally agreed to become his novice. Although she proved to be an able student and loyal friend, Merlin refused to believe that her heart would never be his.
“I shared my secrets with you, woman. You made a promise,” he bellowed, his white beard trembling with anger. “By the gods, I will make you my wife.”
Vivien gazed in sadness upon her arrogant mentor. “I made no such bargain. I agreed only to be your apprentice. I have great fondness for you, Merlin, but my affections cannot be traded or bought.” She pleaded with him to let her become the tutor, instruct him in the principles of true love, and help him find happiness.
But the wizard ranted to the heavens, and with a final chant, cast a spell of eternal love upon the beauty. If she would not give her love, he would take it. A magical dust floated from the sky and covered the girl’s raven hair and pale skin with a shimmering powder.
Vivien, now a gifted sorceress, knew she had little time before the enchantment took over and her free will stolen. “I held you dear to my heart, old man, and you steal mine. Your tricks may seduce and keep me a…

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