Analysis Of The Play ' Big River ' The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn '

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The play titled “Big River, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” that I attended on Thursday October 13th in Bruder Theatre, forever changed my opinion of musicals and theatre in general. I have only witnessed two theatre productions in my life, both performed by my high-school. I have watched movies that include many musical scenes within them and normally they just bored me until I changed the channel. Between my experiences of plays and musical themed movies my excitement level for this particular production and assignment was very low. However, after attending the production “Big River”, I find it rather enjoyable and easy to discuss the content of the play within this assignment.
The thing that surprised and excited me the most about the production was the setup of the play. Between the back drops, paintings, lighting, props, and costumes I was completely captivated by the sights. The costumes weren’t anything glorious, but they told a little more about each person’s character such as their social status or what their personalities were in general. Some of the women wore very plain gowns and they were just very plain characters. Others wore costumes that had a little bit more to them and made the audience want to study them more, I found this especially so with Mary Jane. Even though she was in a black gown of morning for her father there was something about the design of it that made her a very elegant and classy character. I was amazed at how the performers were able…

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