Essay on Analysis Of The Play ' Antigone '

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Conformity and nonconformity is a large issue in society during all ages. All humans conform in one-way or another. In Noam Shpancers article he explains both parts of conformity and how it works when he says, “ we rely on two independent yet related types of social cues… (Informative cues)… (Normative cues)” (Shpancer 1). These cues are both important and useful to conforming in society, as the help people see what’s going on and what other people are doing. People constantly use these cues everyday to make choices all day. These cues tell someone weather to laugh or to cry, be mad or be happy. In the play Antigone, there’s a lot of conforming and not conforming but the two main nonconformists but conformists at the same time are Creon and Antigone, where as Ismene is only a Conformist. During Antigone Creon, the ruler of Thebes, makes many decisions good and bad. Although most of them were bad he tried to make up for them. Some of his many bad decisions was being stubborn and being closed minded, Sophocles shows this when Creon says, “ I have made the following decision concerning the sons of Oedipus: Eteocles… is to be buried with full military honors… Polyneices, I say is to have no burial” (Sophocles 777). This is showing his stubbornness by showing how he cant change his mind for his nephews whom he should love unconditionally even if that person was traitor ever one deserves to have a proper burial. Creon, unknowingly, made the decision to make his law impossible to…

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