Analysis Of The Paper Slips Are Made By Kraft Paper

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The paper slips are made by kraft paper. The first step of making kraft paper is “pulping the pine chips.” The alkaline liquor or solution made by strongly alkaline chemical, like sodium hydroxide (NaOH), sulfates, sulfites and sulfide, are used to dissolve the lignin (Corrugated cardboard). During this process, some airborne and waterborne waste are released, especially sulfur dioxide (SO2). Sulfur dioxide can not only go to the atmosphere, but also dissolve in the water and enter into the water circulating system, and then cause the aid-rain (Environmental Impact of Paper). Then, as the byproduct of pulping and milling process, water waste released while milling and bleaching contains many solids, organic matters and nutrient matters, which will cause the eutrophication of fresh water system, such as fresh lakes or rivers. Further more, if people over consume pine wood as the raw material of kraft paper, the deforestation will happen then then, as time pass, will change the global climate.
Then, the plastic strip is made by the most common used material, polyethylene. Also, the porous film on the absorbent pad is made by polyethylene. In order to make polyethylene, people have to extract ethylene from naphtha, another word of petroleum (The ABC of Polyethylene). While the naphtha is heating up at a very high temperature, ethylene is released. This reaction process is called “cracking”, and the reaction itself will not release other harmful gas or greenhouse gases, like…

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