Analysis Of The Movie ' Wit ' Essay

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Wit is a film created by HBO about Vivian Bearing and her experience in the healthcare facility during her battle of stage four ovarian cancer (Nichols & Brokaw, 2002). This paper will show through Vivian’s experience and through lecture notes how the film corresponds with the consensus and conflict sociological models. First the paper will discuss how the film relates with the consensus model. Lastly, the paper will discuss how the film related to the conflict model. The consensus model created by Talcott Parsons gives health care providers (HCP) legitimated authority within their profession because of the scientific and rational knowledge they earned through hard work within medical school, and also because HCPs are treating and benefiting the community in selfless acts (not for own self-interests) (Whelan, 2015a). Because the HCPs have a certain role in society (i.e. by curing the individual’s with the knowledge and skill HCPs earned), they are able to do things that would be considered unethical or inappropriate in any other situations (e.g. physical exams and/or asking inappropriate questions) (Whelan, 2015a). This was displayed in the film Wit when Jason (oncology fellow) was scheduled to have his previous professor, Vivian as a patient and had to perform a bipedal pelvic exam and ask a number of questions such as sexual activity, previous medical history, family history and deaths (Nichols & Brokaw, 2002). If Vivian was not in a vulnerable position such as cancer…

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