Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wizard Of Oz ' Essay

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No movie is more famous for creating a world of wonder than the Wizard of Oz. Beyond the 124 little people and it’s ten leading roles, this film broke the mold of how children’s stories could be adapted onto the big screen. The Wizard of Oz truly inspired fantasy and excitement in its era. Some believe that its inspiration was through the recent children’s novels that had been successfully adapted into Disney movies. Some of the original producers actually believed that the audience might reject the film as too ridiculous for its time. However it was quickly realized that audiences are drawn into the fantasy of Dorothy’s dream and is now one of the most well known and respected classics. Camera techniques were crucial to creating this. The videography of this film relies on many techniques but perhaps, none more heavily than depth of field which is used to create a sense of relative space to each object in the setting. The rule of thirds is also used often to create mood and shift focus. Finally, this movie is infamous for its sounds. Both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds are used to create a sense of mood and and contrast. The Wizard of Oz uses filming elements including depth of field, the rule of thirds and non-diegetic sounds to establish the fantasy tone of this tremendous story as can be observed in many scenes, but perhaps none more obviously than when Dorothy first arrives in Oz.
Depth of Field
The filmmaker uses depth of field to create a sense of fantasy and…

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