Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Taxi Driver '

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There’s no obstacles for the characters to over come in this script.
The first thing I noticed about the script is there is no FADE IN: or FADE OUT. The script is done by an amateur that has no clue how to follow proper industry formate rules.
The set up to Faye’s abduction needs more time to develop. There is no time for the audience to catch up to the action. For example, the taxi driver needs to be watching Faye. The audience needs to sense danger to be able to participate in the moment.
Faye is not crucial to the story. She can be cut out and the story can be told in present time and no need for flashbacks. There is a love story in this script. It needs to find its way without the flashbacks.
Ramp up the tension right off the bat, the taxi driver should shot Faye’s girl friend
I wonder if the father kidnapped the daughter or the friend kidnapped her?
Need to show that the taxi driver was following the girls.
Two million dollars is too low. Ramp up the stakes and make it 30 million or more.
The story starts out fast and furious.
Faye needs to be pro active and try to escape. No one in the audience will cheer for a character that doesn’t fight for her life.
The snake scene is a perfect opportunity to show the audience that there is hope for Faye. I’m not sure what Izabella pulls a face at him means.
The first flashback is too long. It needs to be cut because it takes the audience out of the story.
Faye should spit the meat back in the Dark Shades Man’s face. It’s an act…

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