Analysis Of The Movie ' The Robot Dog ' Essay

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It was a beautiful Sunday in the city of Metropolis, but Owen Brown was happy to spend it indoors on his computer. Owen was different from other 13 year olds, as his passion was for technology rather than sports. He appreciates technology so much that he went to a garage sale yesterday to purchase some old computer equipment. Today he sorted through the box, he was happily surprised when he found a robot dog at the bottom of the box. The robot dog was very old and grimy with a missing leg. It would need a lot of work if Owen wanted it to function, however there was a small button on the back of the dog. Instinctively he pressed it as he thought it would turn the dog on. Nothing happened so Owen decided to try and fix it tomorrow. He shoved the dog into his desk and started to work on science homework due tomorrow.
The next day Owen woke up uneasy to the strange noises that originated from his desk. He gradually made his way to his desk and opened it to see the robotic dog causing the strange noises, it sounded like it was trying to bark. Owen looked at his clock and quickly put his uniform on and ran downstairs. His alarm didn’t go off and he was going to be late if he didn’t hurry. The whole day Owen thought of the mysterious dog, once school was done and he got home he started on the dog. His dad was a mechanic and he had a lot of parts in his room for other projects so he was prepared to work on the dog. He worked for a full hour on constructing the robot dog’s leg and…

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