Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of Summer ' Essay

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“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” The truth behind this saying is ironic. Something as simple as choosing to stay home instead of going out or leaving a place just a few minutes earlier could change your whole life. The truth behind that had never rung more true for me than it did on the night of August 17, 2014.
It was one of the last nights of summer, although the weather would lead you to believe it was the middle of fall. I was bundled up in my black sweatshirt and jeans riding in the passenger seat of the car of my friend Kelsey 's sister. Kelsey was rarely allowed to drive the 1999 olive green Chevy Lumina so this was a surprise that she was driving. Kelsey and I were headed to a bonfire just over half an hour away from our hometown. The smell of her Black Ice air freshener filled the car. When our journey finally came to an end and we arrived at the bonfire, we hopped out of the car excitedly to go join the fun at the fire.
Time passed quickly with the fifteen of us catching up on each-others’ lives as we rarely got the opportunity to visit them. I looked at my phone only to see that it was already 12:20 A.M. Kelsey said we needed to leave right away; we were going way past our curfews of 12:30 A.M. We started our thirty-minute car ride back with Kelsey trying to hurry as much as she could. I looked over and noticed her going well over the speed limit but figured it wasn’t that big of a deal as long as we didn’t get caught. A sweeping…

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