Essay Analysis Of The Movie ' The Invictus '

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Two different lives’ stories have been produced as movies. Temple Grandin was a true story about an autistic person’s life and how she became a successful person. Autism did not bring her life down, but it was an opportunity that allowed her to become a successful scientist. The movie had been produced to show how an autistic person acted and thought or exhibited how her life was different from other autistic people and was difficult being an autistic person. Still, she motivated herself and some people around her to push her ability to go further. “Invictus” was about Nelson Mandela’s successful life story as he was a leader of South Africa. His life was also not simple as other leaders. The film did a wonderful job to present the flashback of Mandela’s life in jail, then back to the real situation he fights hard to unite his country as president. His life also showed the connection to the poem “I am a master of my fate; I am a captain of my soul” that inspired himself and another like captain of the rugby to become successful men. Both stories were similarity purpose to show the characters’ successful lives and how they fought hard to reach their goal, but both films have different techniques to tell the audiences about their stories.
Temple Grandin’s story seemed more engagement with the optical illusion of herself to introduce the audience with her brightness. To show how she was born with special autistic, the screen was displayed Temple with a wonderful visual…

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