Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The Flies ' By David Rice

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Its front end crumpled with the force of impact thrusting two-foot of metal back into the car. The windshield imploded, showering the insides with deadly slivers of glass. Both the driving wheel and dashboard compacted into one mangled mess. The rear side passenger door was savagely torn free from its hinges and the front two wheels were sent spinning out into the night.

The metal of the car groaned like the final cry of some wounded beast and it shuddered once then fell slowly onto its side.

After that all was silent for a while.

David Rice knew he was lucky to be alive. The drop alone should have liquefied his insides, it was the equivalent of jumping off a five story building. His chances of survival almost nothing, yet here he was, his face pressed into an airbag, still strapped firmly into the driver’s seat with nothing worse than cuts and scrapes to show from the fall.

David could smell smoke; an oily taste hung in the air. He grappled with the airbag and managed to push it to one side. The car was filling with dark fumes that burnt his throat and caused his eyes to water. David understood his time was limited, the smoke could kill him as surely as the fall. He had to get out.

He wasted precious seconds struggling with the door handle before in his shocked state he realised that the car lay on its side, pinning the door against the ground.

The engine caught fire; small flickers of yellow flame appeared from between the twisted metal.

David scrambled for the…

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