Analysis Of The Movie ' The First Piece That Caught My Eye Was The Meprobamate Choreographed By Abby Hinchley

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On Friday, February 5th at 7:30 pm the stage at Fisher Theater came to life, as Brittany Miller, Michaela Minock, and Katie Crouch set the stage to 1944, the start of Barjche. The show continued on with eighteen total pieces, some telling major historical moments in the past 70 years. The performance ended with an excerpt from Joe Goode’s “The Rambler”. The choreography for this show was to be themed on modern, and I believe it was more modern jazz than modern ballet. The first piece that caught my eye was the Meprobamate choreographed by Abby Hinchley, I believe the dance was about a 1950s housewives, who were told how to live and who they were to be. I liked how each dancer was introduced separately showing that the second and third dancer were the next generation or the first dancer’s children. Another aspect was how the three dancers Tympest Crawford, Rachel Lord and Taylor McCombs moved in a circle switching who was in the front. I interpreted that this unique element showed how the women of the 1950’s were running in circles to keep up their image. Yet, this piece also showed how some did not want to submit to this lifestyle, the choreographer presented this by having the third dancer exit the stage at the end while the other two continued until the end of the piece. The choreography involved mostly standing and arm movements and not a lot of floor work. The arm movements presented things a housewife would have to do, such as cook, clean and make herself…

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