Analysis Of The Movie ' The Christmas Angel ' Essay

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Riding in to work with Rob, Melanie told him how much she loved the decorating of his home. “It was the most fun I have ever had.” Rob told her that "All those decorations, except for the icicle lights, had been my mothers. Having you with us inspired my dad Mel. He has not been willing to put up the decorations since my mom died. So he pulled them out of storage because of you. If I didn 't know better I would think you are one of those Christmas Angels that show up in those Christmas movies on television.” Mel laughed along with Rob because she thought of him as her Christmas Angel and didn 't want to tell him that and embarrass herself letting him know she enjoyed reading romance novels that featured a Christmas Angel. Once at work, they stayed in their own sections and the night went pretty quickly for them since tonight had been a short shift for them both. Melanie had spent the evening with a child 's party and had been so much fun for her. One of the favorite times at Tribal was when a family celebrated their party there and she joined in on the singing of Happy Birthday. Rob stayed busy with deliveries and was asked to do the steam mopping of the back. Each quarter, Jim insisted on a deep cleaning of the entire Pizza Shop. The floors were mopped nightly but every three months it was really deeply cleaned with steam and some acrid smelling chemicals. That smell always made Melanie nauseous, Rob, however, always did such a good job. Putting on heavy black…

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